Camila Lafetá Sesana


 - Bachelor's degree in Nutrition - Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (2015).      

- Eating Disorder training course for dietitians - AMBULIM - Eating Disorder Program - Institute of Psychiatry -  University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine (2014).

- Member of the Nutrition team at PROTAD - Child and Adolescent Eating Disorder Program - Institute of Psychiatry - University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine (2015-current).

- Member of PROTAD's Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) treatment group (2019-current).

- Member of the Nutrition team at GAHTA - Male Eating Disorder Group - AMBULIM - Institute of Psychiatry - University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine (2015-2019).

Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training (MB-EAT) certified instructor (2016).

- Member of the Academy for Eating Disorders.

- Member of GENTA - Grupo Especializado em Nutrição, Transtornos Alimentares e Obesidade.

- Collaborating teacher at AMBULIM.

- Collaborating teacher at Instituto Nutrição Comportamental.

- Collaborator of Quatro cinco um - a revista dos livros magazine.

- Co-author of chapters in the books Psiquiatria da Infância e Adolescência: Cuidado Multidisciplinar  (Manole, 2016) and Transtornos Alimentares e Nutrição - da Prevenção ao Tratamento (Manole, 2019).

- Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator - Positive Discipline Association (2019).


In my practice, I offer evidence-based treatment for children, teenagers and adults diagnosed with eating disorders (AN, BN, BED, ARFID) and individuals interested in addressing their eating behavior towards a more gentle, intuitive way of dealing with food and their bodies.

Sessions in English for foreigners.


LGBTI+ friendly.


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